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Bailout News

Bailout exit beckons for Portugal after record bond sale

* Portugal better placed for clean bailout exit LISBON/LONDON, April 23 (Reuters) - Portugal sold its first bonds at auction in three years on Wednesday, paying a record low yield that was seen as vote of market confidence and a boost to Lisbon's chances of making a clean break from its bailout next month. At just less than 3.6 percent and with demand easily outstripping the 750 million euros ...

Exit plan unresolved as Portugal's last bailout review kicks off

* Portugal due to exit bailout in mid-May LISBON, April 22 (Reuters) - Portugal's international lenders started on Tuesday their last evaluation of its performance under its bailout, with further reforms on the agenda and the question of a standby loan when it exits the programme next month still unresolved. In a sign of the review's forward-looking bias, the inspectors from the European ...

Yields fall sharply in Portuguese debt auction

Portugal's chances of ending its three-year bailout program without requiring more help have increased after interest rates fell steeply in a 10-year bond auction Wednesday. The government debt agency ...

Portuguese bond yield falls to 3.58%

Portugal's chances of exiting its three year bailout programme have risen after the sale of 10 year government debt fell to a record low of 3.75%.

Greece qualifies for new debt relief after 2013 budget surplus

* Debt relief talks expected later this year (Adds bailout anniversary, background) BRUSSELS/ATHENS, April 23 (Reuters) - Greece is set to obtain more debt relief from its international lenders after European officials confirmed on Wednesday that Athens had topped its fiscal targets and achieved a budget surplus in 2013. The budget surplus is a sign of the progress Greece has made to fix its ...

Portugal shrinks budget deficit sharply as bailout nears end

Portugal's public deficit shrank 39 percent in the first quarter of this year from a year earlier, coming in far below a ceiling set under its international bailout, the finance ministry said on Wednesday. Overall spending increased 2 percent, which the ministry attributed mainly to interest payments on Portugal's large debt stockpile and transfers to the social security system and ...

Portugal sells 10-year bond in first auction since bailout

Show of support from investors puts the country on track to exit its bailout smoothly next month

Yields fall sharply in Portuguese debt auction, raising hopes of successful end to bailout

Portugal's chances of ending its three-year bailout program without requiring more help have increased after interest rates fell steeply in a 10-year bond auction.

Troika inspectors return to Portugal for last bailout check

Portugal Set for First Bond Auction Since 2011 as Aid Exit Looms

Portugal will hold its first government bond auction today since requesting financial aid three years ago as the nation’s European-Union bailout program draws to a close.

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